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Colda Constructions – Design – SEO

Responsive design


Colda Constructions do custom office and shop fit-outs, and they do them well. However their demographic wasn’t engaging with their previous website. An AdWords campaign was initialised but the CTR (click through rate) was low and we saw a high bounce rate off the target pages. Investigation in to the issue revealed a site which wasn’t conforming with the the SEO standards and attempts to fix this were thwarted by an over complicated content editing system.

It was felt a new start was needed using best of breed technology.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) statistics have improved and continue to with regular tuning.


  • Re-design website layout
  • Re-develop folio / services
  • Compliance with Google search standards
  • Organic SEO package
  • Maintenance and support



We came to Rob with two problems, our website was not ranking well in google search and our site was not ‘playing nice’ with the SEO optimisation tools. Rob solved both problems and with his advice and recommendations we can confidently maintain our rankings into the future.