Ideas that work


You are on this page because our priorities are different

I have informed you your job is mothballed OR I’m letting you know whats involved so you aren’t surprised if/when this happens.

I treat all projects I am involved in as high or medium priority, I do everything I can to stick to the deadlines that we both agreed to in our meetings and outlined in the estimate you approved.

I expect the same from you unless you inform me that your project is on hold, or your request a lower priority and in addition agree that the deadline won’t be met

It appears that you are treating this project as low or no priority – ergo our priorities are now very different

Simply not communicating and failing to do your part in this joint project and expecting me to join the dots somehow is not only disrespectful it actually damages our business relationship.

I haven’t received content or I am waiting on or approval of a step in the project that I have completed for way too long

For some reason (and I get that life gets in the way sometimes*) your project hasn’t progressed to a stage where we can say it is finished, generally this is a website launch.

So I am mothballing your project, I’ll save all your files onto a backup drive and take your job out of the job queue.

What does this mean if you want to progress the job?

You will need to:

  • accept that no amount of energy, dedication, reference to previous deadlines and excuses will magically add your project to my priority list without negotiation of a new set of deadlines that fit my schedule
  • accept that ANY project management I feel is necessary to get your project completed is billable
  • meet with me to discuss where we got to and negotiate a new deadline – this meeting is billable
  • give this project the same priority as me, post the meeting
  • inform me straight away if you (or your staff) cannot meet the deadlines we discussed and agreed on
  • pay any outstanding invoices before work can proceed

What if you want to cancel the project?

  • You need to tell me this, as per the estimate you accepted
  • Please note any prepaid fees, hosting, licenses maintenance that is complete are not refundable

*I have agonized over this decision, if you feel it is unfair for example family issues, health issues, catastrophic business failureĀ  have taken your priority etc, please get in touch to discuss ASAP