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The short version – Services & examples from our folio linked:

CMS’s that we use: WordPress & Shopify
CMS we used to use: Plone

The long version

Bullseye Graphics is a small agile studio in Canberra ACT. I (Rob Armstrong) established the business in 1996 and while I do use freelancers a fair bit, most of the direction of the work is based around my skill set and comfort zone …so let’s get to it:

The journey so far –

  • 80’s Special effects (Advertising), Industrial Design, Light Industry Manufacturing,
  • 90’s TV Graphics and animation (Advertising and Documentaries), Graphics for games, TV Production including set design and promotion.
  • 2000 – present Website development, Illustration, Branding, SEO

So a LOT of design experience in the advertising / production space.

What I can do for you:

  • develop or redevelop your website and provide ongoing support / advice as your requirements change or evolve over time.
  • dig deep into problems and issues and provide solutions as they relate to how your business interfaces with the internet and other advertising and marketing channels.
  • assist you in setting up tricky stuff like shipping, taxes, events calendars, deposits, on your e commerce (or to be) site.
  • provide training so you can administer the content / products / news etc on your site for yourself.
  • assist with security and strategies to reduce online form spam and other annoyances.
  • assist with clear messaging to your demographic during lock downs and Covid related business issues
  • show / demonstrate solutions I’ve implemented for other clients so you can make an informed business decision on effectiveness for your situation.
  • develop a branding package or logo to suit your brief.
  • illustrations in the ‘clean line’ style (think Tintin – Herge books).
  • Organic SEO* – Demonstrable results for numerous clients –  mission critical stuff for new businesses and others in a rapidly changing environment.
  • Build or maintain a WordPress site or Shopify Store (site).
  • Setup a E newsletter template and help manage your mailing lists and other admin tasks associated with this powerful advertising medium.
  • All the Covid 18 / lockdown related stuff – front page announcements, compliance statements, changing opening hours, click n collect, deliveries based on postcode / distance,

What I would prefer not to do (and why!)

  • Event management – I can build events bookings, deposits, forms and calendars into website sites, but I can’t organise the event itself, I have clients who specialise in this and am happy to recommend them.
  • Books and other large print design jobs. I simply have no real interest in these kind of projects, there are plenty of good graphic designers out there I can recommend if required. Please note small jobs – business cards, a flyer or poster – happy to look at it.
  • Caricatures and court drawings – sorry I’ve done way too may of these! burn out.
  • Work on any website that uses Sharepoint, Squiz Matrix, MODX, Wix as a CMS. Sorry – while I could learn how to use these, I’d prefer to spend the time doing the actual work of improving your site than grind up a learning curve at your expense.
  • Manage your social media for you. I can integrate your site with your social media and am happy to assist with your branding and setup, for example your facebook shop …but I’m really not into managing your posts and comments etc. There are companies’s out there that do just this and do it well.
  • Deep down CRM Analysis and research. While I am very interested in this area I’m generally involved in the implementation of recommendations or responding to a business or organisations requirements. I do a lot of SEO work which can be a large part of this area but it isn’t the whole picture.
  • Develop a site using the Plone CMS. I have had around 10 years experience with this CMS so I certainly could, but I’d prefer not to, I’m put together a blog post sometime soon on why. Meanwhile if you need help with migrating a Plone site to another CMS I’m happy to discuss.
  • Illustrations in any medium that involves brushes and paint – utmost respect to anyone who can but it’s really not my thing. My preferred methods – fine liners, markers, coloured pencil, some Photoshop enhancements using a Wacom.
  • Technical support – not my scene – sorry.

My business style

  • no call centre
  • no account managers
  • long term relationships
  • single point of contact – No multiple points of contact and loss details / direction
  • accountability, results orientated
  • Regular reports and website health checks
  • After launch follow up milestones
  • form follows function
  • through briefings session towards:
    • clear communication in the estimate – what the brief is and what needs to be done to resolve it with costs associated – itemised
  • Particularly for redevelopment jobs – A Build / tracking document on Google docs that sets out what being done who is doing it and status

PS. If you are shopping around for a website designer / developer you are most likely trying to quantify the age old question of “how much does a website cost?” amongst your criteria. With the wide range of things website can do these days the question is like asking a builder, How much is a house? The response is going to be have you got house plans?, how big? how many rooms?, so many questions.  Best to get in touch and discuss. First meeting is free, coffee my shout.

* Organic SEO is different to paid SEO mostly this involves AdWords and other strategies that are in simple terms based on how much you are prepared to spend (Cost per click) and this relates to RTI – return on investment – how much is a click worth assuming it results in a sale. I do manage some AdWord accounts but my preference is to engage the very good people at Reach Local for this. We in many cases work together information sharing in a dual Organic / paid SEO campaign.