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The short version – Services & examples from our folio linked: Website development & redevelopment SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) Branding Logos E Newsletters Illustrations Design Ecommerce websites Product photography CMS’s that we use: WordPress & Shopify CMS we used to use: Plone The long version Bullseye Graphics is a small agile studio in Canberra ACT.

Product photography – skin care

The real nice thing about product photography is the models stay where you put them and are relatively easy to light and pose. Here are some examples from a shoot for Bravura, and there was an element of zen making sure the combos were correct!

Product photography – food

The real nice thing about product photography is the models stay where you put them and are relatively easy to light and pose. Here are some examples from a shoot for Kitchen Witchery, and yes I did get a bit hungry during the shoot!

Dunstone Design – Website – Events ticketing – SEO – Ecommerce

Brief: Evan’s previous site was no longer fit for purpose. The bespoke CMS was making it difficult to add or maintain content, and was crashing. Events were being presented as ‘products’, shipping wasn’t a dynamic process, products and information was difficult to find. The high quality nature of the product itself is a very much

Books R Us & More – Ecommerce -SEO – Website redevelopment

Brief: Tiziana’s site was not performing it’s fundamental purpose (selling books and puzzles etc) efficiently. The category system which Shopify uses hadn’t been implemented properly and this issue led to poor navigation and a less than optimal customer experience. The sheer quantity of products and related metadata needed a very careful audit and re-organise. About

Kasparek Architects – Website – Folio – Branding – Responsive design

Brief: While not dependent on their website for new work, Kasparek Architects needed an online folio that covered a wide range of award winning work. The site is fast and adaptive to a wide range of devices. Kasparek Architect’s very distinct brand was enhanced with the use of actual detail drawings and high quality photos

Kitchen Witchery Catering – Website – Product Photos

Brief: Kitchen Witchery Catering are a high end corporate catering company. The initial brief was to create an online catering to order e commerce store with a delivery system. At the time Uber eats etc were trending. This concept was phased out as the logistics and customer base wasn’t viable (this was pre COVID-19). The

Defcon Technologies – Website – E-Commerce – Photo Sweetening – SEO

Brief: Defcon Technologies resell a wide range of surveillance, safety and general communications gear. Their market is military and civilian law enforcement services. Their previous site, was a classic early 2000’s site with no responsive design and a limited facility to show off let alone sell the expanding product range. The company had decided to

Bravura Education – Branding – Ecommerce – SEO – Blog

Brief: Bravura Education has grown from a inspirational business start up to a leading supplier of training and support to the cosmetic medicine industry. We are proud to have been major part of that journey (2015 -2020) Features Shopify CMS Multiple platform integration E-commerce E Newsletter Surveys Event Calendar and course admission system Quote requests